198x MC9

2002/2004 Updated Conversion, MC9. Camping in Tulsa, OK

  • 6v92 Turbo
  • Allison Automatic Transmission
  • 2 Way refrigerator / 2004 Norcold Model
  • 3 Rooftop Duo Therm Lo Profile A/Cs
  • Kubota 10 KW Remote cooled Diesel generator
  • 10 gal. hot water heater
  • 54 Gallon black water tank. 39x20x16

Current Projects:

  • Add more heat flow to downstairs bedroom and bath area from furnace, adding larger blower

2007 Projects:

  • Add two RV style windows. Skin and insulate middle windows.
  • Add Trailer hitch.

2008 Projects:

  • Recap, refinish front end.
  • Add awnings
  • Replace wheels.
  • Add two RV style windows.
  • Recap, refinish rear end.

Finished Projects:

  • Service rear differential, replace king pin, service air drier – March 2007
  • Pull & replace Transmission. Replace hoses / stainless steel, Put in rear air beam. Alignment, Fix 1 water leak (roof)- February 2007
  • Added heat flow to bays from furnace. Included sealing off bays, winterizing – Oct 2006. Thanks Ed!
  • Finished entertainment system with help of Tony Torres, added remote sensor. – June 2006.
  • Added under counter lights constructed by Ed Arnold. Add pine soap and toothbrush holder built by Ed as well.
  • New front tires
  • Add cooling system for downstairs bedroom – 2005.
  • Overhaul front brakes and left front wheel seals – 2006
  • Fix multiple air leaks, replace 4 air bags. Bus stays up now several hours!

Mountain Home Arkansas

Friends and family gather in the bus. Mountain Home, Arkansas, Summer 2006.

Bowling Green Jelleystone

Jellystone park, Bowling Green Kentucky. Summer 2005.

Wal Mart

Spending quality time at Wal Mart.

1983 MC9 Arlington TX

Yikes! Somehow, it fit in the driveway of my sister-in-law’s house. We are in Arlington, TX.

1983 MC9 - inside

Couches & dinettes, bedroom downstairs.